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NoARK was founded in 1988 and is the association for Norwegian amateur riders. We are located at Norway’s only racetrack, Øvrevoll, just outside Oslo.

Amateur riders are a central part of horseracing in Norway. Compared to other countries there are very few persons employed full time in the racing industry. Most stables have several amateur riders who exercise horses on a regular basis and a large number of horses are trained and ridden by amateurs, i.e. persons who do not have racing as their primary employment. Most riders in Norway have horseracing as a hobby, and quite a few amateurs also gain their amateur jockey licence.

NoARK’s mission is to promote amateur racing in Norway and to increase the interest for horseracing in general. There are about 25 amateur races each year, these races are normal races in terms of gambling and horses, the only difference is that they are ridden by amateur jockeys.

In order to become a licensed amateur jockey riders have to pass a series of tests. With the help of our sponsors NoARK organises a number of cups throughout the season. To ride in most of these one has to be a member of NoARK.

One of our main tasks is to organise courses and seminars in order to improve knowledge of riding and other horserelated issues. Typically there are 3–4 riding courses each year, as well as continuous follow-up of the licensed amateur jockeys.

NoARK is a member of the international amateur riders club, Fegentri and each year Norwegian riders participate in the Fegentri series around the world competing to become World Champion.

NoARK runs the pony racing in Norway together with the Norwegian Jockey Club. Pony riders between 7–18 years old train and compete on all sorts of ponies and horses. This is a great way to introduce new people to the sport and to increase awareness of horseracing. Anyone with any sort of horse or pony is welcome to participate. Every year the Scandinavian countries compete against each other at an annual event.

NoARK publishes a magazine, «Veddeløperen», once a year. This is both an annual report of the season that has passed as well as a tool for recruiting more interested people into the sport.

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